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Great Products, Great People, Great Company

At seven20, we’re passionate about pop-culture based products and the fans who love them. Formerly known as "Underground Toys USA," seven20 is excited to bring the pop-culture community amazing new products in every lifestyle category.  Our new creative and product development teams are working around the clock to bring our fans the most exciting products we have ever offered.


The Full Story

It all began with Matt Wozniak and Gina Song.  Together, with the help of a few bad-ass executives,  the crazy couple re-branded the company to establish "seven20," a company dedicated to bringing the pop-culture community must have products for everyday life.  seven20 creates each of their products with a touch of sophistication that truly differentiates the company in the vast world of licensed products.

With the recent launch of its "Pinache" line (a fashionista twist on license-based homewares), seven20 is shaking up the industry and setting itself further apart from its competitors. Named after Matt and Gina's two heart-melting, 3-lb fur babies, "Pinot" and "Grenache," Pinache offers fans licensed, consumer goods in a way never seen before. Pinache is all about "love" - love for the brands, love for the fans and most of all, love from the team at seven20, a group of amazing, hard-working people dedicated to bringing fans a little magic. 

seven20 still caters to the core fans with non-stylized home products that are designed to satisfy all customers from the uber fan to the discrete buyer who wants just a touch of "pop." seven20 will also continue to offer pop-culture fans toys, including several new proprietary, branded plush lines that will launch later in 2017.   

Stay tuned for updates to this website and cool new products from seven20 for Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Disney Classics, Toy Story, Nightmare Before Christmas, Hello Kitty, Aggretsuko, Gudetama, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Assassin's Creed, Kitty Cones and many more. We guarantee that you will love the magic the team at seven20 is making everyday.

For more information about the company or to become a customer, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!


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